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Steam facial washing towel


Towel for doing the “Steam ON GAN,” produced by Hiromi Yamamoto(Hair & Makeup artist).

One side of this towel is gauze, while the other side is terrycloth. A three-step method of “warm (the entire face),” “remove (dirt and dead skin cells),” and “circulate (blood by massaging)” is carried out while using the respective sides of the towel. Following this method will leave your skin clean and translucent, as if you just took a bath. The towel is an “Imabari towel,” made with discriminating attention to its feel against the skin and it having the right pile length.
How to make a “Steamed towel”


  1. After you prepare the “steamed towel,” place the gauze side of the towel onto the face. Let the towel envelope your entire face as you press it against the face with your hands.
    When the towel starts to cool, repeat the above steps to make another “steamed towel.”
    Warming your face twice is key.
  2. Using the floral-shaped terry cloth portion on the gauze side of the towel, gently wipe the areas that you feel need cleaning, like the edges around the eyes and the wings of the nose.
  3. Fold the towel in half diagonally to make a triangle with the gauze side facing in. With the terrycloth side that is facing out, use some force to stimulate the acupressure points around the ears to promote the flow of the lymphatic fluids.

    With the terrycloth side of the towel, wipe your neck and décolleté.
    Wipe from the top of the neck downward using some pressure to let your lymphatic fluids flow.
  4. 1. Fold the towel in half (with the terrycloth side facing out).
    2. Roll up the folded towel from the end about 2/3 of the way.
    3. Pour 150-200ml (about a cup) of fairly hot water (45-50ºC) onto the partially rolled up towel.
    4. After pouring on the water, roll up the towel all the way to the end and lightly wring out excess water.
  • Care and Cleaning

    Wash the used towel and immediately hang it up to dry. Letting the towel stay wet for a long period of time can result in the towel losing its shape or in discoloration.
    When washing it in a laundry machine, place the towel in a laundry net to protect the texture of the towel.
    If you use and wash the towel daily, we recommend replacing it with a new one about every 6 weeks.

  • Usage Notes

    During use, the towel’s fiber may attach itself to clothing or skin.
    Do not use the microwave to warm the towel, as it may cause sparks or may burn the towel.

  • Handling Notes

    Please use care while handling the towel, as strong friction on it, or kneading or snagging it may cause the pile to warp or unfurl.
    Because the towel is made with very soft thread that is gentle on the skin, some of the fiber may attach itself to the skin during use or to other clothing during laundry, or some pilling may occur.

    Using fabric softener when washing the towel will make the pile loops get pulled out and the fibers fall out more easily.
    Colored towels will gradually fade over time with repeated washing.
    Do not use bleach when washing the towel as doing so may damage the texture.
    If any of the pile loops gets pulled out, promptly cut the thread off with scissors.

Steam facial washing towel


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