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Well-designed, playful, and stylish.
These beauty tools have it all.
KOBAKO has been created with the belief that beauty tools enable a woman to let her beauty shine.
We listened to the needs of many women and beauty journalists and developed what we consider to be the ideal tools.
Designed to meet professional standards, these tools are fashionable, compact and portable.
Only our real passion and the latest technologies could make this dream come true.
Carry KOBAKO with you to embrace your unique style.
  • Chiharu Nagatomi(Advisor)
    Chiharu Nagatomi is a beauty journalist well versed not only in beauty, but in trends in general.
    A former beauty editor in a women's magazine, she went on to found "J. Bureau" beauty consulting office.
    As a beauty journalist, she headed Japan's first beauty community salon, "club C." She is currently extremely active as a beauty commentator, writing and planning columns in women's magazines and on the internet, as well as being involved in events and radio appearances.
  • kai corporation
    kai corporation began as a knife manufacturer in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan's oldest knife production center, boasting a history of almost 800 years.
    Since its formation, KAI has been uncompromising in its thorough, finely detailed craftsmanship. 2008 marked its 100th anniversary.
    KAI sells approximately 10,000 items around the world, primarily cutting tools such as razors, knives, and nail clippers, as well as daily supplies such as makeup accessories, kitchen supplies, and confectionary supplies, and even medical tools and industrial blades.
    We are trusted by the market in a wide range of genres. Our unfailing crafting approach and techniques have resulted in countless collaboration with professionals, such as jointly developing knives with three star Michelin chef Michel Bras.
  • Atsuko Nagao(Designer)
    Atsuko Nagao is an art director and graphic designer. Her elegant sensibilities are featured in a wide range of genres, from advertising production to package design and book design. With KOBAKO, she has focused on designing forms and motifs which are easy to use, and fun just to hold. They express an adult sense of play and cuteness.