Well-designed, playful, and stylish.
These beauty tools have it all.

KOBAKO has been created with the belief that beauty tools enable a woman to let her beauty shine.

Designed to meet professional standards,
these tools are fashionable, compact and portable.

Only our real passion and the latest technologies could make this dream come true.
Carry KOBAKO with you to embrace your unique style.

KOBAKO is a beauty tool brand that celebrated the 10th anniversary in 2019.
The brand has been producing a number of beauty tools under the 3 essential elements.
The KAI’s technology that inherits the tradition of Japanese craftmanship that cares about details, the strict viewpoint from Beauty Experts who are familiar with not only beauty, but also a wide range of trends and the design attracts women who love cosmetics.
Based on all these elements, we keep producing ideal beauty tools that are portable and provide the professional functionality.

The 3 Elements of KOBAKO


"Craftmanship" DNA

KAI Group started as a knife manufacturer about 111 years ago in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, where is the biggest city known for knives with a history of about 800 years.
Since then, as a globally integrated company, we have been manufacturing more products with the ultimate craftmanship mind that pays attention to the details without compromise.
The KAI Group's technology and spirit made it possible to produce excellent function and high quality on KOBAKO products.


We pursue the ideal beauty tools under the support of supervision and advice from Beauty Experts.

Heated Eyelash Curler
Product Adviser
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist
Akemi Nakano

Akemi Nakano keeps creating a trend of the times with her new makeup style created from a wide range of knowledge, experience and high skills. Her performance gets a great respect from many actresses, artists and models.

KOBAKO nails / KOBAKO nails for Foot
Product Adiviser
Kiho Watanabe

Kiho Watanabe is the representative of "uka", a total beauty company.
Her clients are not only actresses, models, beauty and fashion influencers, but also celebrities from various fields. She is recognized as a great beauty adviser.

Skin Care Tools
Product Adiviser
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist
Hiromi Yamamoto

Hiromi Yamamoto offers “Makeup Techniques to Try Today” and keeps being active at the forefront of the beauty industry in Japan. She has published many books about beauty and her clear theory that solves various makeup troubles and leads to a modern face is widely accepted.


The KOBAKO motif was designed in the image of a modern woman.
A woman who is elegant, beautiful, and strong.
KOBAKO"s distinct flower motif represents charming and powerfully growing women.
We designed the motif with a wish that every woman connects each other and shares her happiness and pleasure.