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Silk facial massage brush


Brush for doing facial massage produced by Hiromi Yamamoto(Hair & Makeup Artist).

This brush, made of 50% raw silk and 50% goat hair, can be used for massaging as well as washing your face. Gently stroke the dry brush against the skin for a massage and to remove dead skin. Add water to the brush and make a lather using facial soap, and you can use it as a face washing brush. Whether wet or dry, make sure to be gentle as you brush, as if you are stroking your skin.
Raw silk contains a component called sericin, whose makeup is similar to the moisture-retaining element found in the human skin. When the sericin comes in contact with the moisture on the skin’s surface, it seeps out and attaches itself to the skin.


  1. * To brush, use a light touch to gently stroke the skin.
    * Using the brush on wet skin may be too much stimulation on the skin.

    Brush around the eye starting from the outer corner of the eye, then over the temple and downward.
  2. Brush from the point of the chin toward the ear.
  3. Brush from behind the ear toward the décolleté.
  • Care and Cleaning

    When the brush appears dirty, clean it by massaging it in warm water. Then let the water drain off of the brush, hang the brush on the stand, and let it dry.
    Do not clean the brush with alcohol or any other liquid solution, as it will damage the bristles and the glue at the base of the bristles.
    When the brush begins to lose its shape, please replace it with a new brush. As the components contained in the silk will wear off with use, we recommend replacing the brush with a new one every three months.

  • Usage Notes

    To do a dry massage, be sure that the brush contains no moisture.
    Do not scrub the skin too hard as you may damage the skin.
    Pay close attention to whether any irregularities are found on the skin while using the brush. Do not use when there are any skin troubles such as cuts, swelling, or rashes.
    If the brush does not agree with your skin, please stop its use. In the event that irregularities such as reddening, swelling, itching, irritation, discoloration (e.g., white patches), or blackheads appear on the skin, stop the use of the brush and consult a derma.

  • Handling Notes

    Store the brush out of reach of small children.
    Do not use the brush for purposes other than those it was intended for.
    Avoid storing the brush in any area with high temperature or moisture, or in direct sunlight.
    Do not pull or press hard on the bristles, as doing so may cause the them to fall out or get rumpled.

Silk facial massage brush


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