Privacy Policy

Kai Corporation and its affiliates (collectively, “Kai Group” (*1)) will, in connection with the handling of Personal Information of persons who use the services for customers provided by Kai Group (the “Services”), regardless of whether an individual or organization (“Customers”), respect the privacy of Customers, pay utmost attention to managing Customers’ Personal Information acquired, and endeavor to be able to provide reliability and security as a company.

April 1, 2022

KAI Group

  1. “Personal Information”

    “Personal Information” means “personal information” defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003; the “Personal Information Protection Act”), i.e., information relating to a living individual, whereby a specific individual can be identified by name, date of birth, and other descriptions included therein, or which contains individual identification codes.

  2. Acquisition of Personal Information

    Kai Group will acquire Personal Information only through legitimate and appropriate means. In addition, in principle, Kai Group will not acquire any sensitive information of Customers such as race, beliefs, social status, medical history, and criminal record. However, this does not apply when Customers provide that information by themselves.

  3. Purpose of use of Personal Information

    Each company of Kai Group will properly use Customer’s Personal Information to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes; if it uses Personal Information beyond the extent necessary to achieve such purposes, it will obtain the Customers’ prior consent in an appropriate manner:

    1. provision of the Services;

    2. communication associated with the use of the Services, and delivery and sending of email newsletters, direct mail, various notices, etc.;

    3. provision of Personal Information to the business partners concerning the Services based on the approval or request of Customers;

    4. delivery and display of advertisements, content, and the like, based on the analysis of attribute information, equipment information, location information, behavioral history, etc.;

    5. improvement of the Services, analysis of the usage status of the Services, and development and marketing of new services;

    6. implementation of campaigns, surveys, trials, interviews, etc.;

    7. confirmation of details of opinions and inquiries about the Services and response to those opinions and inquiries; and

    8. prevention and handling of misconduct and the like.

  4. Voluntary provision of Personal Information

    Kai Group requests that Customers provide Personal Information to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use. Although it is not necessary to respond to all items, if a Customer fails to answer certain question(s), the Customer might not be able to use the Services.

  5. Joint use

    Customers’ Personal Information will be jointly used within Kai Group as below:

    1. Items of Personal Information to be jointly used
      Information provided by a Customer in connection with the use of the Services, such as the Customer’s name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

    2. Scope of entities within the joint use structure
      Kai Group (*1)

    3. Purpose of use by entities within the joint use structure
      As stated in 3. above.

    4. Entity responsible for the management of Personal Information
      Kai Corporation

  6. Provision of Personal Information to third parties

    Kai Group will not provide Customers’ Personal Information to any third party other than the subcontractors without the Customers’ consent, except as provided by laws and regulations, when cooperation with public organizations is required, or as otherwise provided for in the Personal Information Protection Act.

  7. Disclosure, correction, and cessation of usage of Personal Information

    In principle, only the Customer himself/herself may request disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cessation of usage, and cessation of provision to third parties of Personal Information held by Kai Group. For any requests and inquiries above, please contact the following:

    Kai Corporation Customer Service Office:

    0120-016-410 (toll-free number)

    Reception hours: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays of Japan, summer holidays, and year-end and new year holidays)

    In order to accurately understand Customers’ inquiries, details will be recorded. Please note this beforehand.

    Furthermore, the original copies of documents such as postcards used for the acquisition of Personal Information are disposed of after being stored for a certain period; therefore, we might not be able to respond to a request for disclosure of the original copies of documents.

  8. Organization and system

    Each company of Kai Group will comply with laws and regulations on the protection of personal information, and it will establish internal rules on the protection of personal information and comply with these rules. The internal rules are reviewed periodically by the compliance committee of Kai Group. In addition, the Personal Information provided will be handled only by the information handler appointed by the personal information protection officer of Kai Group.

  9. Safety management measures

    Kai Group applies the safety management measures below for Personal Information acquired.

    1. Safety management measures within Kai Group and understanding of the foreign systems for the protection of Personal Information

      Kai Group has formulated and developed the personal information protection policy, internal rules on the protection of personal information, and the like, and applies measures necessary and appropriate for safety management of Personal Information, such as appointing the personal information protection officer. In addition, when Kai Group handles Personal Information outside Japan, it takes safety management measures after it periodically collects and understands information on the personal information protection systems of such countries.

    2. Supervision of employees and service vendors

      When having its employees handle Personal Information, Kai Group conducts necessary and appropriate supervision such as imposing a confidentiality obligation on them and periodically inspecting the handling status in order to ensure safety management of Personal Information. In addition, when Kai Group outsources all or part of the handling of Personal Information, it conducts necessary and appropriate supervision such as implementing periodic audits based on the contract with the outsourced service vendors in order to ensure safety management of outsourced Personal Information.

  10. Amendment to this policy

    Kai Group may amend this policy as needed, unless otherwise provided for in laws and regulations.

  11. Safety measures on the Internet

    When acquiring Personal Information through a website operated by Kai Group, it prevents third-party wiretapping, falsification, and the like of data by encrypting the data transmitted over the Internet using industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).With regard to resident in EEA, please see also Privacy Policy of Kai Europe GmbH, Kai Group’s representative in European region;

    ※1 List of Kai Group companies: