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Eyelash curler refill pads(Center curl)


Replacement pads for only KOBAKO Eyelash curler.

It is for “Eyelash Curler (Center Curl)” ONLY.
The grooved rubber firmly holds the eyelashes and makes a beautiful curl. Contains 3 pieces.


  1. Place the rubber end with the dent on the right side and set it in the main body.
    Please note that if you set it the other way around, the rubber position will shift from the center.
  • Size guide / Information


  • Care and Cleaning

    Keep it clean by wiping off the dirt on the rubber part and the main body with a tissue after use.

  • Usage Notes

    Keep away from direct sunlight.
    Keep out of reach of children.

  • Handling Notes

    This refill pad is KOBAKO Eyelash curler (Center curl) only.
    It can not be used for other Eyelash curler.

Eyelash curler refill pads(Center curl)


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