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Adjustable nail clippers


Use the length adjustment feature of clipper to consistently trim only the excess portion of your nails.

The clipper contains a dial-controlled adjustable stopper behind the blade to consistently cut the same length of nail. It can be set to either 1 or 2 mm, to accurately cut off only excess nail growth.
The stopper acts as a wall, also preventing painful excess nail trimming.
The straight blade also makes it perfect for toenail design.
Soak your nails in warm water to soften them for a more gentle trimming experience.


  1. Flip the clipper over and adjust the flower-shaped dial on the bottom to the desired trim length.
  2. Rest your fingernail perpendicularly on the stopper.
  3. Trim the nail, starting from one side and working your way across, keeping the fingernail perpendicular to the stopper.
  • Size guide / Information

    Materials:Blade:Stainless cutting Steel
    Stopper:Stainless Steel
    Hirge:Stainless Steel, Thermoplastic elastomer
    Cover:Thermoplastic elastomer

  • Care and Cleaning

    Wipe the dirt and water with tissue paper, etc.

  • Usage Notes

    If clipped nails are accumulate between the cutting edge and the stopper, lower the stopper and remove the nails.
    When you cut long nails, cut in several strokes.
    Cutting a nail too closely may cause injury. Care should be taken not to cut nails too short.
    Do not use the nail clippers for purposes other than cutting nails.

  • Handling Notes

    Keep out of reach of children.

Adjustable nail clippers


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