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Blush brush


The diagonal cut fits perfectly along the unevenness of the skin.
Create your ideal finish when applying blush or powder foundation.

Portable, slide-up blush brush. Even though it is quite compact when it’s put away, it is made with densely packed Sokoho goat hair that provides an exquisite feel against the skin.
The angular form of the brush made by gradually shifting the height of the hairs fits perfectly against any unevenness in the skin. Use the entire surface of the brush to add a finish to a wide area of your face, or use only the tip to apply powder onto small spots like the sides of the nose.
The brush can be used for both blush and powder foundation, making it a versatile tool for touching up your makeup.
Because you can change the shape of the brush by shifting its angle, it can be used for all types of retouching techniques, like adding blush, highlights, and shading.


  1. Pick up a generous amount of powder foundation or blush with the brush, then lightly shake away any excess portion from the surface over a tissue paper so that there is powder contained on the inside of the brush.
    Apply the powder using large movements starting at the center of the face and moving toward the outside areas.
    For small spots like the sides of the nose, apply the powder by stroking lightly along the curves.
    The brush can be used for applying blush and shading.
  • Size guide / Information

    W20mm×H87mm(when the cap is on)
    * Please be aware that the form of the tip may vary somewhat for each brush.

  • Care and Cleaning

    Gently wipe the brush with tissue paper or other material after each use.
    When the brush appears to be in need of cleaning, wash by lightly shaking it in warm water containing a small amount of mild detergent. Remove excess water from the brush with a dry towel, straighten the hairs, and dry in the shade.
    Do not use alcohol or any other types of solvents for cleaning, as doing so may cause damage to the hair and the adhesive agent at the brush’s base.

  • Usage Notes

    DO NOT pull the button on the sliding part.

  • Handling Notes

    Keep in a safe place out of reach of little children.
    DO NOT use for anything other than its intended use.
    Keep away from direct sunlight.
    DO NOT pull the hair hard. It may cause hair loss or damage to the hair.
    Please note that there are some individual differences in the shape of the hair tips.

Blush brush


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