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Cosmetic mirror


A duo-type mirror, with a 10-times magnifying mirror and an LED-lit regular mirror, that lets you see surprisingly well

KOBAKO's "Cosmetic mirror" is a duo-type mirror, with a "10-times magnifying mirror" and an "LED-lit regular mirror", and it allows you to thoroughly check both the balance of your makeup and the current condition of your skin, by bringing it close to a part of your face or pulling back to see your whole face.
The 10-times magnifying mirror provides a magnification that enables you see the fine details of the finish of your makeup (such as eye makeup and mascara), as well as your face's weak points, such as wrinkles, pores and facial hairs, that you would not notice using your usual mirror.
It also solves the problem of "mirrors being difficult to see" due to the farsightedness that can start from one's forties.
The regular mirror features LED lights in the shape of the KOBAKO's flower, and when you turn the lights ON, they conveniently make it easy to see even at night or in a dark room.
While the mirror is sized to be portable, it is of just the right form and size that let you see your whole face by using it at a distance from your face.
This is born out of our unique perfectionism as a beauty tool brand.


  1. Please use the magnifying mirror by first bringing it close to your face, then drawing it away, little by little, until you find the position where it is in focus.
    * Please note that, if you concentrate you gaze on this mirror for long periods, your eyes may grow tired and you may feel uncomfortable.
  • Size guide / Information

    Size:Length 123mm × Width 100mm × Thickness 19mm (when closed)
    Power source:1 × AAA alkaline battery (LR03)
    *Battery sold separetely

  • Handling Notes

    Please keep in a safe place, out of reach of children.
    Children may be able to take out the battery, so please be careful.
    Mirrors are made of glass, so please be careful when carrying it around with you.
    If you drop the mirror, or hit it against a hard object, it may break and lead to injury.
    The mirror contains magnets. Please do not store it close to precision equipment, magnetic products or magnetic cards, etc.
    The surface of the magnifying mirror has considerable curvature, and the distance in which it can focus with your eyes is short, but there will definitely be a point where it will be in focus.
    In the focal point, it can be used without any problems; however, parts not in focus will appear distorted.

    The magnification of the magnifying mirror is a based on calculations, and does not mean that objects will appear 10 times larger.
    This product cannot be washed with water.
    Please avoid using it where there is moisture or steam, such as in the bathroom.
    Please wipe the mirror with a soft cloth. If you wipe it with tissue paper or something hard, you may scratch the mirror. Please do not use solvents when cleaning.
    When not in use for one month or more, or when the battery has run out, please remove the battery. The battery could leak and damage the product.
    Do not attempt to modify, dismantle or repair the product.
    * The mirror surface could cause a fire if sunlight shines on it.

Cosmetic mirror


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